Replacement Happiness

This past week I took a gamble and decided to watch the new MTV show “Skins” to see what all the hoopla was about.  After all the grief I’d been giving it, I actually found it very addictive.  It’s sad and troubling, which is probably why I’m so fascinated by it.  I can’t relate whatsoever to the teens destructive behavior, but the underlying emotions are raw and common to anyone who’s struggling with voids in their life.  Many of the characters in the show were just trying to find what makes them happy.  Sadly these teens found sex, drugs, and alcohal to fill that void and replace the happiness they were looking for.  More than once you’d see one of the kids return from whatever party or escapage they have been on to throw themselves in bed and burst into tears.  They’re not happy with the replacement happiness they’ve found.  It’s momentary and fleeting. 

I had seen this same thing the night before on “The Biggest Loser”.  Over the season’s they’ve shown more of the psyhology and counseling that Jillian and Bob provide to help these individuals face the burdens that have driven them to become what they are.  Bob and Jillian know that there is a void that these people are trying to fill and they’ve decided to fill it with food.  I remember the character Fat Bastard from the Austin Powers movies saying “I eat cause I’m unhappy, and I’m unhappy cause I eat”.  That’s so true on so many levels.  Replace “eat” with drink, sleep around, shop, work, go to church, etc. and you come back to people trying to find a replacement for what they hope would cause them to be happy.  What the trainers on Biggest Loser do is help the contestants realize their own strength, but also admit what the void is they are trying to fill.  Replacement happiness isn’t real happiness.  It’s momentary happiness and eventually it becomes the cause of your own unhappiness.  You can’t fill a hole with the wrong material, or it will just cave in.


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