Looking Back

A lot of people say it’s not good to look back.  They’ll say that if you’re always looking back, you can’t clearly see where your future is.  And I agree with that.  You can’t let what occurred yesterday stop you from what can happen tomorrow.  What’s done is done.  However…

… have you ever thought about the reason we have each of the other holidays?  Not just Christmas and Thanksgiving that are designed for the “Thankfulness” theme.  I’m talking about Memorial Day where we stop to be thankful for those who defend us.  July 4 to be thankful for our freedom.  Labor Day to give thanks for our jobs and those who work to provide for us.  Even the minor holidays have significant “Thankful” premises; Valentines day = Our loved ones.  Our society is built upon thankfulness, yet somewhere our culture has turned us into this greedy horde of materialists.  Holidays are now more about parties and shopping than they are about remembrance and thankfulness.  If we’d stop and look back more often we’d probably become more content with our future state.  Looking back at all that you have, helps you to move forward without the blinders of what will make your life complete down the road.  Your thankfulness creates a broader world view and allows you to see beyond your own footsteps into the horizon.  Take a few minutes to look back at what you have accomplished; all that you have and have been given.  Then sit down to look at your future.  All of a sudden, it doesn’t feel so uncertain.  You can go into it clear headed and ready, knowing that when you get to the end there will be just as much to be thankful for.


About Ben Moushon

Connections Director at The Underground. I love to write and connect with people about their stories and opinions about life, God, culture, and the world. It's about the journey and the conversations that occur along the way. View all posts by Ben Moushon

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