Christian Bullies

Most people think of bullying in the outspoken forms of verbal abuse face to face or online, or physical intimidation like stuffing someone in a locker.  My definition of bullying is making someone feel bad about who they are by your words and actions to them.  Bullying is an attack on someone’s self esteem.  You see someone as different and make a conscious choice to make them aware they’re different.  If you look at bullying like this, all of a sudden a lot more people become bully’s; even the people we’d hope would be immune to doing it, Christians.  I’ve had many people at church tell me they don’t feel like they fit in.  They feel like people don’t like them and sometimes they don’t want to come to youth group or church at all.  I hate hearing that.  Especially when this is a church filled with people who say they are followers of Christ.  When Christ was on earth people were drawn to him by the thousands.  They felt comfortable just being near him.  He never turned anyone away and even rebuked his own disciples for turning people away. 

There’s a quote by Brennan Manning that says “The greatest single cause of Atheism today is Christians, who acknowledge Jesus with their lips, and walk out the door and deny him with their lifestyle.”  So, are you a Christian Bully?  Have you made someone feel like less of a person because of how good you are?  Have you looked down at others because they don’t fit in with the kind of Christian you think they should be?  Take a good look at yourself.  This isn’t about hypocrisy or “judge not lest ye be judged”.  It’s about bullying.  Treating someone different because they don’t fit into your Christian mold, is just as bad as giving them a wedgie and stuffing them in a locker.


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