Christian’s Who Hate

The week after Anders Breivik began his personal war, killing 93 people in Oslo, Norway many people were sitting around trying to answer “Why”.  Muslims were disappointed in the initial estimation that it was another “Islamic Terrorist Group”.  Christian’s were scrambling to define their faith and how misguided Breivik’s idology is.  And Atheist’s were sitting back saying “I told you so”.  As I read through the countless articles and opinions about the role of religion in this tragedy, this longstanding question kept coming up of why do Christian’s hate.  It peaked for me several months ago when I came upon a quote posted to an Atheist message board.

“Why don’t you just kill yourself and then you’ll see if there’s a God or not?” – Anonymous

That message was sent to the American Atheists organization supposedly by a Christian (I say supposedly because when I contacted them to confirm, I didn’t receive a response).  Sadly, I have no reason to believe that a Christian wouldn’t write to them and say that based on events I’ve personally witnessed of Christians.  The truth is that since the days of Christian persecution by the Roman empire, it seems like Christianity has taken broad steps to making right all the wrongs that were done to it for the first couple hundred years.  You can start with the Crusades and Spanish Inquisition then conclude with a list of people like Hitler (raised Christian) or Westboro Baptist Church who define their religiosity by what they hate or, in their opinion, what “God hates”.  I don’t understand defining yourself by all the things that you hate and how you can live a life that way.

Why are there Christian’s who hate?

Can anyone explain it?

How can you claim to hate in the name of an infinitely loving and merciful God?  It’s like a Buddhist running a human trafficking organization or a Social Worker abusing children.  The whole concept runs counterintuitive to everything that they claim to define them.  Yet, here we are with probably the grandest of the oxymoron’s: Hateful Christians.

I don’t understand this because I don’t understand hate.  It seems like such a miserable life.  The constant brooding paranoia that someone is doing something you believe should be cause for their immediate death.  Can you really take joy in life at that point?  Or are you constantly worried about yourself, your family, or your friends doing something that would require God’s swift, Old Testament wrath?  What does that say about your personal relationships, let alone your life?  Everything you do is because you fear certain repercussions of not doing that, not because you feel it’s right.  Worshiping a god under these terms is very midieval, if not pagan (check out the Zeus or Odin).

I will admit I have a strong dilike for things (80’s fashion, lima beans, people who don’t use turn signals), but people don’t know me as “That guy who hates lima beans”.  And I would never imagine myself protesting outside of Dole Foods for hours on end because of their production of lima beans.  There would be no legislation asking that lima beans no longer be sold as baby food because children should have a choice as to whether they eat something that tastes so bad.  I can’t imagine living every day of my life with an unbridled passion to dispose of, eliminate, or even kill anyone or thing that doesn’t agree that lima beans are of the devil.

Hateful Christian’s is an oxymoron.  The same as faithful Atheist, educated moron, fresh frozen meat, working holiday, or unbiased opinion.  By definition they shouldn’t go together.  Jesus’s teachings about hate are completely opposite.

Luke 6:27-28 “But I tell you who hear me: Love your enemies, do good to those who hate you, bless those who curse you, pray for those who mistreat you.”

Matthew 5: 24 ” But I tell you: Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you”

Yet in today’s society hateful christians has become all too commonplace.  And it masks many of the other questions that are equally as perplexing.

Why are there Christian’s who who abuse others?

Why are there Christian’s who cheat on their spouse?

Why are there Christian’s who aren’t engaged in ministry within their church?

Why are there rich Christian’s in a world with poverty?

Why are there Christian’s who…

What has happened that has pushed the “Good News” to the brink of extinction?  That same news that has now become a radicalized movement of fear and “don’t’s” instead of the light yoke of a teacher full of grace, peace, and love unlike few have known.  How can we set up new adjectives to the description of who Christian’s are?


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One response to “Christian’s Who Hate

  • Julie

    I enjoy your blog, Ben! Your progressions are thought provoking and engaging. Maybe “Christian” describes a goal or a practice rather than a state of being. We are all indeed humans – and as such have potential to embrace good and the potential to embrace evil. And humans of all persuasions have found themselves in each arena – sometimes by conscious and directed choice and sometimes arriving there semi-consciously and confused. However we arrive – we usually convince ourselves that where we are – is right, good, and justified. This is the inherent optimism of the human spirit that allows us to live free of overwhelming angst and ultimately to survive. So the challenge it seems -is to nurture our own ability to consider that where we are / how we describe ourselves may not be the only path to a fully human existence. The willingness to embrace awareness and to live with uncertainty is often very anxiety producing. However, a Christian practice can allow us to live in this state with far less anxiety and peace.

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