Faith Isn’t a Bad Word

Why do adults believe in fairy tales?  For some reason a person who says their “a person of faith” automatically gets respect.  But a person of faith is really someone who says that they’ll believe practically anything with little to no evidence at all.  I’ve heard this said several times by individuals who are non-religious.  When put that way, faith does sound a ridiculous.  If your neighbor said “I have faith that the lawn will get mowed this week”, you’d think he was joking or not right in the head. 

But doesn’t everyone have faith to some degree?  If you’re house catches on fire, don’t you have faith that the fire department will come?  If you get arrested, don’t you have faith that the legal system will provide correct justice?  You have faith that if you do a good job, you won’t get fired.  You have faith that your spouse will come home to you each day.  It’s correct that faith can’t be placed on a concrete evidence, but concrete evidence can’t remove faith either.  It simply gives you a baseline for what you think and hope will happen. 

Faith is hope.  Faith is inherently within all of humanity.  Without faith, what stops us from lawlessness?  You could argue that the legal system is corrupt.  They’ve shown over and over again that they make mistakes.  We’ve seen stories of bribed juries and people being convicted only to be exonerated 30 years latter after their life is ruined.  Don’t we live day by day with faith that the system will still work?  Most people would argue “it’s a good system it’s just prone to human error”.  Then why wouldn’t you say the same about faith in religion?  If you truly studied and understood the core tenets of religion, you would find a system that seeks to bring order and purpose to life. 

If you insist that you don’t have faith, you can never answer with a definite Yes or No.  You have faith that the answer is right until more evidence comes along to prove otherwise.  The answer to any question is “that’s the answer for now”.  Whenever your disappointed in the outcome of a situation, that comes from your faith that is was going to go a different direction.  Faith allows us to emotionally invest in a situation or person.  Faith helps us connect and hope for a future.  Without faith, where would we be?  And where would we go?


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Connections Director at The Underground. I love to write and connect with people about their stories and opinions about life, God, culture, and the world. It's about the journey and the conversations that occur along the way. View all posts by Ben Moushon

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