Thankfulness is Contentment

A year ago I bought a new TV.  A nice TV.  I shopped for months leading up to the holidays, comparing prices and technology, fully planning on buying the biggest and best TV I could get on one of the super black Friday deals.  The weekend before Thanksgiving, on one of my scouting expeditions, I found a deal I couldn’t pass up.  It wasn’t what I had planned, but it was less than half the price.  It was still 20 inches bigger than what I currently had.  My pride swelled even more when I set it up in the family room and my wife pushed the couch back several feet.  “It’s too big.” she complained.  “I can’t sit that close, it hurts my eyes.”  A year later as I watch the ads for the newest 80 inch LCD TV, my TV seems a little less impressive.  The shine has worn off and I’m not content.  I know a lot of people who would love to have my TV.  I say I’m thankful for what I have, but deep down I know if given the chance I’d trade it in for something else in a heartbeat.  So can I truly be thankful for something when I’m not content? 

I’ve spent a lot of time recently thinking about my level of contentment in life.  As we sit around the table with family this holiday and reflect on all we’re thankful for, I ask myself how truly thankful am I?  It’s one thing to give thanks, but how thankful can you truly be if you’re not content?  As you sit and say “I’m thankful for ______” images flash before your eyes of that someone who has a nicer phone, better clothes, more money, less problems, etc.  You’re thankfulness is only skin deep as you realize all the things you wish you could change and make better.  Your contentment fades and thankfulness disappears as quickly as my 6 year old who seemingly was writing his Christmas list the day after his birthday party.  How thankful can you be for something when you’re always thinnking about something better?

Are you really thankful for your Android phone if you wish you had an iPhone?

Are you really thankful for your house if you would like more space?

Are you really thankful for your job if you’re looking for the next promotion? 

If you really are truly thankful for something, would you change it?

Somewhere between overeating and planning our black Friday shopping, stop and think how truly thankful are you?  Thankfulness isn’t just about being happy for all the stuff we have as we plan on getting more.  Thanksgiving should be one of the times in the year where we sit down and ask ourselves, “if nothing changed in my life from this moment forward woudl I be okay with that?”


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