Are Tim Tebow and Justin Bieber Good for Christians?

Are Tim Tebow and Justin Bieber good for Christianity?  Both are vocal about their faith and the power of God in their life.  They have books about their faith and donate millions of dollars to charities to help those in need.  They both have thousands of adoring fans because of their faith as much as it is for their talents.  And both are very successful in their respective careers.  But why are Christian’s so proud of Tim Tebow and Justin Beiber being Christians?

Having celebrities profess their faith doesn’t provide anymore meaning to my own personal walk with Christ than owning a house helps me understand Donald Trump’s business.  I actually see it as causing a stumbling block.  I’m no longer proud of my faith because of the sacrifice of Jesus Christ and how it has changed my life.  No, I’m a loud and proud christian because now I’m a “Belieber” too.

When was the last time you saw someone as passionately outgoing about their faith (in a good way, not the Westboro Baptist way) as Bieber or Tebow fans?  Many of us are too scared to talk to someone about the saving power of Jesus Christ, but we’ll argue for hours about the merits of Tebow’s passing ability.  We have to drag our self out of bed and endure sermons, hymns, offertory, and mission pleas; but we will stand in line for days and pay hundreds of dollars to get the right ticket for a glimpse of Justin Bieber.

I bet if you ask Tim Tebow or Justin Beiber they wouldn’t say they are Christian because it’s the cool thing to do. They wouldn’t say that they became a christian so that they could become famous.  They are famous and Christian. And there are millions of other christians in the world who have not been blessed to the extent they have because they are Christians.  Tim Tebow himself has said he doesn’t believe that God helps him win games.

No one should strive to be like Tim Tebow or Justin Bieber.  The only example that we should take from them is that we should not be afraid to profess our faith.  Jesus didn’t preach a propserity gospel.  Following him walks a narrow path that few are willing to go down.  It is full of sacrifice.  Jesus and his disciples died alone and penniless.  They weren’t pop stars, athletes with shoe deals, or even celebrity pastors with mega churches.

So to any Tebow or Bieber fan’s out there let me ask, were you a fan before you found out they were Christian?  How did them being Christian make you like them more than before?  Last time I checked, Family Christian Stores didn’t carry Tebow jersey’s or Bieber CD’s.


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