Preaching Baccalaureat Weekend for Spring Valley Academy

About Ben Moushon

My profession is a Healthcare Recruiter for a faithbased network of hospitals in Ohio.  My passion is Christian ministry.  Although I am not a pastor, I have spent my entire life in ministry.  Growing up as a preacher’s kid my father challenged me by saying “I’ve taught you why we believe that, now what do think the answer is?”  I apply that same approach to everything I do.  Not to accept my faith for what I’m told, but to understand the answers for myself.  For the past 7 years I have been actively involved as a volunteer leading the youth ministry for Kettering Adventist Church.  I am also an active Child Ambassador and advocate for World Vision International.  All as an example to challenge others to live their Christianity outside the confines of church walls and fill the holes in others lives the way that Jesus would.

About Holes 2 Fill

Nothing and no one is perfect.  There are holes; unanswered questions that often stem from people being afraid to ask questions in the first place.  Holes2Fill is a blog to ask questions and challenge the way that Christianity and religion are seen and practiced.  I look at parallels within daily life, society and culture that illustrate an issue or situation within Christianity

“The Hole in Our Gospel” by Richard Stearns inspired me to start Holes2Fill and publicly ask questions that had been on my heart for years.  Does Christianity live up to its calling to change the world and the lives around it?  Has it become too much about left and right, traditional and contemporary to make the difference in the world that Christ would have it be?

Holes2fill isn’t about proving anyone right or wrong, or converting anyone to any sort of thinking.  My purpose is to challenge and ask questions in an effort to help you understand why you believe the way you do.  And more importantly, what are you going to do about it?


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