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Too Busy to Care

I recently received a note from an individual following up on a request they had submitted to my office about a month ago.  The status of their request was still noted as “not reviewed”, meaning the individual in charge of that area had not reviewed their request to move through the process.  As I responded to the individual, apologizing and ensuring them I would follow-up with the appropriate individuals for them, I decided to check and see how many people had that status in our system.  To my dismay there were over 5500 requests dating all the way back to 2007 (please note we receive about 35,000 requests per year).

Needless to say it made me angry.  I love my co-workers, but I wanted to berate them for being so careless that they didn’t even look at someone’s request for four years.  We talk in our team meetings about how great of service we want to provide and how frustrated we get when a  department doesn’t respond to us, but we didn’t return the same respect to our own customers.  As I thought about it I went over the excuses that would come up in discussing it and it always comes down to one excuse; “I don’t have time”Continue reading


Believe Me Or Else!

They’re all the same aren’t they; Fundamental Muslims, Evangelical Christians, and Anti-theists?  Rather than doers of the word, they are adamant talkers of the word.  They believe they are so right that it is their duty to forcefully change the minds of those around them to show them the errors of their thinking.  All of these people frighten me.  I’m afraid to have a conversation with them or engage them in any way.  Not because I’m afraid I might be wrong or I could change my mind.  No, I’m physically afraid to engage them because of how hatefully and forcefully they go about their argument.  Continue reading

Procrastinating Heaven

“What may be done at any time will be done at no time.”  ~Scottish Proverb

I love sports.  I’ll watch or play just about anything.  It probably helps that I’m atheletic and can play just about any sport I’m interested in.  Time on the court, the field, or in the gym is therapeutic and natural to me.  So when my wife decided that she was going to run a marathon I thought “Why not?”  I’ll train with her and support her passion.  She loves to run.  A small run for her is 5-7 miles.  Anything over 3 feels like work to me.  I don’t enjoy running because I’m competitive.  I want to see results change.  I want to feel like I’m getting faster or stronger than the person next to me.  Going for a run is no more fun for me than my wife working on her bench press.  Nonetheless, for 5 months I trained to run a half marathon.  Continue reading

Christian’s Who Hate

The week after Anders Breivik began his personal war, killing 93 people in Oslo, Norway many people were sitting around trying to answer “Why”.  Muslims were disappointed in the initial estimation that it was another “Islamic Terrorist Group”.  Christian’s were scrambling to define their faith and how misguided Breivik’s idology is.  And Atheist’s were sitting back saying “I told you so”.  As I read through the countless articles and opinions about the role of religion in this tragedy, this longstanding question kept coming up of why do Christian’s hate.  It peaked for me several months ago when I came upon a quote posted to an Atheist message board.

“Why don’t you just kill yourself and then you’ll see if there’s a God or not?” – Anonymous

Continue reading

Hanging In There

We recently moved to a new neighborhood in which there are a lot of children of different ages who play together.  They roam in a group from yard to yard like marauders through some conquered village, wielding sticks like swords.  We’ve met a lot of the neighbors and in the nine months we’ve been here I know more people by name than I did in 6 years at our other house.  So far it’s a much safer and quieter neighborhood.  I had to smile the first time my wife called me at work and said “the neighbor kids are knocking on the door wanting the boys to come out and play.  What should I do?”  I struggle with the side of me that remembers the carefree times of riding bicycles around the neighborhood making forts in whatever yard we pulled into and the other part of me today that is all too aware of the world pictured on Dateline of human trafficking, abuse, and bullying.  Continue reading

The Battle Against Christian Apathy

 ”Two hands working can do more than a thousand clasped in prayer.” – Unknown

 I’ve spent a lot of time recently trying to understand Atheism.  As I read more articles, watch more youtube videos, and interact more on blogs and twitter, I keep coming back to one thing.  What has Christianity done so wrong that has created such resentment?  I’ve come in contact with some very angry people on the web (both Chrisian and Atheist).  They wouldn’t characterize themselves as “Angry”, but all of their speech and actions reflect otherwise.  One interaction between a Christian and an atheist I found resulted in the atheist saying “You’re right I hate bigotry, I hate ignorance, I hate persecution of minorities, I hate liars and frauds, just full of hate”.  This came after a Christian used some choice 4-letter words to tell him he was a hateful person.  The ferocity and volume of the content condemning religion is numbing.  Continue reading

Through Jesus Eyes

At what point in your life does the ministry you’re committed to take over the way you look at every day life?  This past weekend I went shopping for a new pair of dress shoes for work.  I always hate shoe shopping because when I buy a pair of shoes I’m making a commitment to them.  I polish and take care of them until I have literally worn through the soles and I have to go through the process all over again.  Then I have to go through the arduous task of comparing price, comfort, and style at multiple stores.  So on Sunday, after 2 hours and visiting 6 different stores, I finally got two new pair of shoes.  When I got home I took the old pair and put them in the waste basket in our bedroom.  Over the next couple of days, every time I’d walk by the waste basket I’d look at those shoes and think “why did I buy new shoes?  They still look nice.  Did I need to spend the money?”  And immediately after that I’d remember visiting Mexico last summer and all of the people in the church we built whose dress shoes looked worse than the two I had sitting in my trash can.  Continue reading