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The CNN Freedom Project: Ending Modern-Day Slavery

Hong Kong (CNN) – College students in Hong Kong stood on campus for 27 hours to raise awareness of modern-day slavery, in a campaign that ended on Thursday.

The “Stand for Freedom” event, which was organized by students from the University of Hong Kong’s International Christian Fellowship group, raised HK$10,000 (U.S.$1,300) for human rights agency International Justice Mission.

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When God Leads You in Circles

 I recently had a conversation with a friend of mine about God’s plan and knowing God’s will for your life.  We were going back and forth about career decisions and trying to help each other make sense of the frustrations we are experiencing in our lives.  She made several recommendations to me along the lines of “maybe God’s trying to tell you something”, to which I responded “I’m sorry this isn’t going to sound Christian, but I’m tired of hearing that.  I’ve gone in every direction I think God’s leading me and every time the ‘door God opens’ gets closed.  I feel like God’s telling me to go and stay all at the same time and I’m tired of it.” Continue reading

What is True Love?

What is True Love?  Since moving into our new home, we’ve been much more aware of and interactive with our neighbors than our previous house.  We’ve only been here coming a year, but in that short time I’ve watched the life changes of one of the neighbor’s right next door.  Shortly after we moved in, I had stopped by the house during the morning and noticed an ambulance and several additional cars parked out front of the next door neighbors.  We had seen the elderly couple living there on a few occasions bringing groceries in or something, but never really met them.  But for some reason as I saw the ambulance I felt a sudden dread that something had happened.

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Faith Isn’t a Bad Word

Why do adults believe in fairy tales?  For some reason a person who says their “a person of faith” automatically gets respect.  But a person of faith is really someone who says that they’ll believe practically anything with little to no evidence at all.  I’ve heard this said several times by individuals who are non-religious.  When put that way, faith does sound a ridiculous.  If your neighbor said “I have faith that the lawn will get mowed this week”, you’d think he was joking or not right in the head.  Continue reading

Because She’s Enough

This past weekend I took a chance at the video store and rented “The Adjustment Bureau”. In the movie Matt Damon plays a zealous young politician on the fast track to becoming the next JFK. The day before the election news leaks of a prank he pulled at an alumni reunion which subsequently ends his bid for election to congress. As he prepares his concession speech in the men’s room at the Waldorf in New York City, a woman hiding from the hotel security in the mens restroom shares a moment of honesty with him that changes his presepctive on his campaign. In that brief moment David Norris (Matt Damon) falls in love with this woman and can’t explain it.  However his pursuit of this new love interest is met with obstacles in the form of men in grey dapper hats.  Men who work for “The Adjustment Bureau” reporting to “The Chairman”, or as hollywood would have it “Fate”.  See Fate has it’s own plan for the individuals despite what they want for themselves…  Continue reading

The Sin of Not Doing Anything

What are the things that you get in trouble for the most?  Think about it for a few moments.  Most people live a pretty decent life.  Most never kill, or steal, or commit adultery, or make graven images.  Most youth don’t do drugs and have sex and come home drunk.  So what most youth get in trouble for is things they don’t do.  They don’t call to say they will be home late.  They don’t clean their room.  They don’t complete their homework.  Continue reading

Christmas in June

It’s amazing to me how my life has changed over the years.  I have two spoiled rotten little boys.  This year for Christmas my wife and I had decided to go very simple.  On black Friday we bought some books and board games for our 3 and 5 year olds.  Only about 3 presents each and nothing for each other.  We figured they have enough things and we are very blessed.  “Let’s focus on that” we thought.  But as Christmas got closer the excitement of presents got a hold of both of us.  Even the grocery store had toys stacked strategically to excite our children.  One day while picking up antibiotics at the pharmacy for his double ear infection, our youngest grabs this toy hamster, looks at my wife and says “I don’t want to put him back mommy.  I love him”.  He wound up getting two hamsters and a hamster playset for Christmas.   Christmas morning was one of the best days we’ve had as a family.  The excitement and surprise from both boys (and my wife who didn’t know I bought her things) is what makes being a parent exciting.  Continue reading