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Too Busy to Care

I recently received a note from an individual following up on a request they had submitted to my office about a month ago.  The status of their request was still noted as “not reviewed”, meaning the individual in charge of that area had not reviewed their request to move through the process.  As I responded to the individual, apologizing and ensuring them I would follow-up with the appropriate individuals for them, I decided to check and see how many people had that status in our system.  To my dismay there were over 5500 requests dating all the way back to 2007 (please note we receive about 35,000 requests per year).

Needless to say it made me angry.  I love my co-workers, but I wanted to berate them for being so careless that they didn’t even look at someone’s request for four years.  We talk in our team meetings about how great of service we want to provide and how frustrated we get when a  department doesn’t respond to us, but we didn’t return the same respect to our own customers.  As I thought about it I went over the excuses that would come up in discussing it and it always comes down to one excuse; “I don’t have time”Continue reading


A Time to Kill

One of my favorite movies is “A Time to Kill”.  Set in the heart of Mississippi in 1998, the movie is about a young black girl who is raped by two white men.  Afraid that they would get away with the crime the way men in a neighboring county did, the girl’s father Carl, played by Samuel L. Jackson, shoots them in a southern Mississippi courtroom in front of numerous witnesses.  His fate lies in the hands of a young white lawyer named Jake, played by Matthew McConoughey.  It’s a griping movie dealing with issues of truth, race, and equality.   Continue reading

Easter and Relationships

It’s hard to truly appreciate something when you don’t have a personal relationship with it.  We talk about Jesus, God, and His sacrifice all the time.  We do bible studies, come to church, go to Christian schools, and talk the talk (even walk the walk). But how much of it do we truly take to heart.  When you talk to a friend who has lost a loved one and you’ve experienced the same, the emotions and connection are much stronger.  You feel that pain with them. 

Continue reading

The Atheist’s Jesus

I recently saw a video on YouTube that really surprised me. The title was “The Great Jesus Swindle” (click to view) and was a monologue prepared by an atheist. I expected it to be another tirade by an angry atheist fed up with Christians shoving religion at them. I clicked play with a smirk, waiting for him to go into all the reasons Jesus was just another “Christian Fairy Tale”, how he didn’t really exist, and christian’s just need to “think more logically”. But I didn’t get any of that. There was no animosity that would be attributed to overbearing religious abuse as a child as most Christians believe. He started simply by saying that Jesus is personal and therefore based on each individual Jesus has become anything that person wants. “If you don’t like homosexuals, neither does your Jesus” he says. He then continues to talk about Christ’s message and purpose, and how the true message of Jesus has been suppressed by Christianity and because of how Christianity is such a strong part of western culture Atheists have no choice but to have an opinion on the reality of Jesus life. He then proceeded to share the differences between the the Jesus he understood and the Christian’s Jesus. Continue reading