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If the World Hates You, They May Be Right.

I was recently on a road trip to visit my relatives and decided to try my luck at the radio dial.  While browsing through the stations  I stumbled upon a Christian station with a pastor who was talking about how to respond if the world hates you.  It caught my attention, so I decided to listen for a few minutes even though I despise talk radio.  He said that if the world hates you and rejects you that it’s a good thing because Jesus says “if the world hates you, keep in mind that it hated me first” (Jn. 15:18).  The pastor then went on to talk about judging a christian by his enemies.  He believed that the more enemies you have the better Christian you are because you are living a life rebuking people of their sin.

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The Issue of Homosexuality

Homosexuality is a sin and I will tell someone that.  I will still love them and treat them the same because that’s what Jesus would do, but I will still tell them it’s a sin.”  This statement came from a great friend of mine as we stayed up late one night talking.  He followed up by saying that God calls us to do radical things to follow him and because homosexuality is a sin that means the radical response from someone is to leave that lifestyle; even if it means leaving a stable life and family that they have built together. The disciples left families and business to follow Christ, so why would we be expected to do anything less.

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Defensive Christianity

There’s a new movie out entitled “The Ledge” which has received quit a bit of publicity over it’s appearance of being anti-Christian.  The lead character is an atheist who finds himself at odds with an evangelical neighbor.  Now, I haven’t seen the movie so I’m not going to jump into whether it’s good or bad.  But watching the preview and reading responses online to it’s supposed anti-Christian message, it made me think about how defensive Christianity has become.  Continue reading

Political Power and God

For there is no authority except from God, and the authorities that exist are appointed by God. Romans 13:1

If you’re a Christian, read that verse again out loud.

Now, if all authorities that exist are appointed by God, should republicans, teapartiers, and evangelicals who embrace conservative Christian values oppose Obama and the democratic party as strongly as they do?

Should a “God fearing” speaker of the house draw a line in the sand that says “We won’t work with this person”?

Should Tea Partiers condemn and tear apart every speech and action of any and every democratic elected official?

Does God not look on the Just and the Unjust the same?

Who but God can say who is Just and Unjust?  Continue reading

Christian Bullies

Most people think of bullying in the outspoken forms of verbal abuse face to face or online, or physical intimidation like stuffing someone in a locker.  My definition of bullying is making someone feel bad about who they are by your words and actions to them.  Bullying is an attack on someone’s self esteem.  You see someone as different and make a conscious choice to make them aware they’re different.  If you look at bullying like this, all of a sudden a lot more people become bully’s; even the people we’d hope would be immune to doing it, Christians.  Continue reading

The Sin of Not Doing Anything

What are the things that you get in trouble for the most?  Think about it for a few moments.  Most people live a pretty decent life.  Most never kill, or steal, or commit adultery, or make graven images.  Most youth don’t do drugs and have sex and come home drunk.  So what most youth get in trouble for is things they don’t do.  They don’t call to say they will be home late.  They don’t clean their room.  They don’t complete their homework.  Continue reading

Heaven is Like a Healthclub

January is the time of year I hate going to the gym the most.  Not because I’m fat and lazy from all my wife’s Christmas cookies, but because there are all these people with new years resolutions taking up space on the equipment I’ve been using consistently year round.  Last week I got to the gym and I’m running on the treadmill.  I’m in the process of training for a half marathon and just cruising along.  Then on the treadmill next to me steps a man that I swear weighed 400 pounds.  He’s sweating already just from the walk in, but he gets on and sets his pace at 3.5 mph.  As I turned back to watching my treadmill I thought “good for him”.  I see this a lot in health clubs.  There’s a mutual respect for people.  People who bench-press 75 pounds work out next to people who bench 250 pounds.  No matter who is on a machine, you allow them to finish.  Everyone understands that we’re all there for the same reason.  Some people just have different methods and abilities, but we all have the same goal: To be physically fit and healthy. 

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