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Are Tim Tebow and Justin Bieber Good for Christians?

Are Tim Tebow and Justin Bieber good for Christianity?  Both are vocal about their faith and the power of God in their life.  They have books about their faith and donate millions of dollars to charities to help those in need.  They both have thousands of adoring fans because of their faith as much as it is for their talents.  And both are very successful in their respective careers.  But why are Christian’s so proud of Tim Tebow and Justin Beiber being Christians? Continue reading


Defensive Christianity

There’s a new movie out entitled “The Ledge” which has received quit a bit of publicity over it’s appearance of being anti-Christian.  The lead character is an atheist who finds himself at odds with an evangelical neighbor.  Now, I haven’t seen the movie so I’m not going to jump into whether it’s good or bad.  But watching the preview and reading responses online to it’s supposed anti-Christian message, it made me think about how defensive Christianity has become.  Continue reading

Faith Isn’t a Bad Word

Why do adults believe in fairy tales?  For some reason a person who says their “a person of faith” automatically gets respect.  But a person of faith is really someone who says that they’ll believe practically anything with little to no evidence at all.  I’ve heard this said several times by individuals who are non-religious.  When put that way, faith does sound a ridiculous.  If your neighbor said “I have faith that the lawn will get mowed this week”, you’d think he was joking or not right in the head.  Continue reading

Secularism and the Crusade for America

It may sound extreme to refer to the current arguments between religion and secularism as a crusade, but if the same amount of vitriol and angst existing between two groups 900 years ago it definitely would have resulted in bloodshed.  The Pope wouldn’t hesitate to call Christian’s to arms and lay seige to all secular institutions in the name of God almighty.  After all, family values and moral society are at stake.  With a few extreme exceptions, we can count on most confrontations between religion and secularism to remain between protest lines and court rooms. 

Continue reading

Believe Me Or Else!

They’re all the same aren’t they; Fundamental Muslims, Evangelical Christians, and Anti-theists?  Rather than doers of the word, they are adamant talkers of the word.  They believe they are so right that it is their duty to forcefully change the minds of those around them to show them the errors of their thinking.  All of these people frighten me.  I’m afraid to have a conversation with them or engage them in any way.  Not because I’m afraid I might be wrong or I could change my mind.  No, I’m physically afraid to engage them because of how hatefully and forcefully they go about their argument.  Continue reading

The Crossroads of Christianity

Have you ever stopped to ask where Christianity is going? Like its standing at a crossroads and trying to make up its mind? Like a weary traveler Christianity looks at all of the signs on the post and tries to decide which is the best route to take.  Should it go “Evangelical” or “Fundamental”?  What about “Contemporary” or “Emergent”?     Continue reading

As Clear As Mud

Let me start with this; I’m a Christian.  There’s really no hiding it.  You could gather that from my thoughts on a variety of subjects I’ve written about.  Now, let’s follow that up by not labeling me (or any other Christian for that matter) with the stereotypes associated with Christianity today.  I’m not republican, conservative, homophobic, pro-life, etc.  Neither am I democrat, liberal, gay-pride, pro-choice, etc.  I have refrained from outright labeling myself as Christian for the sole intent of avoiding the labels that Atheists, Jews, Muslims, Gays, and many more would associate with it.  My life and actions are about a much larger worldview than the narrow slice of Evangelicals that pervade the US population and dominate the headlines.  But in my quest to remain uncategorized I’m afraid who I am to individuals who don’t know me has become as clear as mud.  Continue reading