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If the World Hates You, They May Be Right.

I was recently on a road trip to visit my relatives and decided to try my luck at the radio dial.  While browsing through the stations  I stumbled upon a Christian station with a pastor who was talking about how to respond if the world hates you.  It caught my attention, so I decided to listen for a few minutes even though I despise talk radio.  He said that if the world hates you and rejects you that it’s a good thing because Jesus says “if the world hates you, keep in mind that it hated me first” (Jn. 15:18).  The pastor then went on to talk about judging a christian by his enemies.  He believed that the more enemies you have the better Christian you are because you are living a life rebuking people of their sin.

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The Issue of Homosexuality

Homosexuality is a sin and I will tell someone that.  I will still love them and treat them the same because that’s what Jesus would do, but I will still tell them it’s a sin.”  This statement came from a great friend of mine as we stayed up late one night talking.  He followed up by saying that God calls us to do radical things to follow him and because homosexuality is a sin that means the radical response from someone is to leave that lifestyle; even if it means leaving a stable life and family that they have built together. The disciples left families and business to follow Christ, so why would we be expected to do anything less.

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Coming Out of the Closet

It was my senior year in college.  I was the hall mentor in the freshmen and sophomore dorm.  I had a room to myself, but the door was always open unless I was studying so that guys could come by and talk.  It was about ten o’clock at night and I heard a knock on the door and outside was a friend of mine I had known for several years.  He wasn’t from my floor and didn’t come to any of the worships or Bible studies that I led, but it didn’t matter.  He just wanted to talk, so of course I said yes and we sat down on the old couch I had dug out of the trash like any good college student does.  We weren’t great friends and didn’t hang out or socialize, but we had been part of a study abroad group together for a year and knew each other more than just study partners.  I could tell he was nervous, and after a few minutes of chit chat he just came right out and said “I’m gay”. Continue reading

Christian’s Who Hate

The week after Anders Breivik began his personal war, killing 93 people in Oslo, Norway many people were sitting around trying to answer “Why”.  Muslims were disappointed in the initial estimation that it was another “Islamic Terrorist Group”.  Christian’s were scrambling to define their faith and how misguided Breivik’s idology is.  And Atheist’s were sitting back saying “I told you so”.  As I read through the countless articles and opinions about the role of religion in this tragedy, this longstanding question kept coming up of why do Christian’s hate.  It peaked for me several months ago when I came upon a quote posted to an Atheist message board.

“Why don’t you just kill yourself and then you’ll see if there’s a God or not?” – Anonymous

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