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Are Tim Tebow and Justin Bieber Good for Christians?

Are Tim Tebow and Justin Bieber good for Christianity?  Both are vocal about their faith and the power of God in their life.  They have books about their faith and donate millions of dollars to charities to help those in need.  They both have thousands of adoring fans because of their faith as much as it is for their talents.  And both are very successful in their respective careers.  But why are Christian’s so proud of Tim Tebow and Justin Beiber being Christians? Continue reading


If the World Hates You, They May Be Right.

I was recently on a road trip to visit my relatives and decided to try my luck at the radio dial.  While browsing through the stations  I stumbled upon a Christian station with a pastor who was talking about how to respond if the world hates you.  It caught my attention, so I decided to listen for a few minutes even though I despise talk radio.  He said that if the world hates you and rejects you that it’s a good thing because Jesus says “if the world hates you, keep in mind that it hated me first” (Jn. 15:18).  The pastor then went on to talk about judging a christian by his enemies.  He believed that the more enemies you have the better Christian you are because you are living a life rebuking people of their sin.

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Procrastinating Heaven

“What may be done at any time will be done at no time.”  ~Scottish Proverb

I love sports.  I’ll watch or play just about anything.  It probably helps that I’m atheletic and can play just about any sport I’m interested in.  Time on the court, the field, or in the gym is therapeutic and natural to me.  So when my wife decided that she was going to run a marathon I thought “Why not?”  I’ll train with her and support her passion.  She loves to run.  A small run for her is 5-7 miles.  Anything over 3 feels like work to me.  I don’t enjoy running because I’m competitive.  I want to see results change.  I want to feel like I’m getting faster or stronger than the person next to me.  Going for a run is no more fun for me than my wife working on her bench press.  Nonetheless, for 5 months I trained to run a half marathon.  Continue reading

Christian’s Who Hate

The week after Anders Breivik began his personal war, killing 93 people in Oslo, Norway many people were sitting around trying to answer “Why”.  Muslims were disappointed in the initial estimation that it was another “Islamic Terrorist Group”.  Christian’s were scrambling to define their faith and how misguided Breivik’s idology is.  And Atheist’s were sitting back saying “I told you so”.  As I read through the countless articles and opinions about the role of religion in this tragedy, this longstanding question kept coming up of why do Christian’s hate.  It peaked for me several months ago when I came upon a quote posted to an Atheist message board.

“Why don’t you just kill yourself and then you’ll see if there’s a God or not?” – Anonymous

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As Clear As Mud

Let me start with this; I’m a Christian.  There’s really no hiding it.  You could gather that from my thoughts on a variety of subjects I’ve written about.  Now, let’s follow that up by not labeling me (or any other Christian for that matter) with the stereotypes associated with Christianity today.  I’m not republican, conservative, homophobic, pro-life, etc.  Neither am I democrat, liberal, gay-pride, pro-choice, etc.  I have refrained from outright labeling myself as Christian for the sole intent of avoiding the labels that Atheists, Jews, Muslims, Gays, and many more would associate with it.  My life and actions are about a much larger worldview than the narrow slice of Evangelicals that pervade the US population and dominate the headlines.  But in my quest to remain uncategorized I’m afraid who I am to individuals who don’t know me has become as clear as mud.  Continue reading

Christian Bullies

Most people think of bullying in the outspoken forms of verbal abuse face to face or online, or physical intimidation like stuffing someone in a locker.  My definition of bullying is making someone feel bad about who they are by your words and actions to them.  Bullying is an attack on someone’s self esteem.  You see someone as different and make a conscious choice to make them aware they’re different.  If you look at bullying like this, all of a sudden a lot more people become bully’s; even the people we’d hope would be immune to doing it, Christians.  Continue reading

The Sin of Not Doing Anything

What are the things that you get in trouble for the most?  Think about it for a few moments.  Most people live a pretty decent life.  Most never kill, or steal, or commit adultery, or make graven images.  Most youth don’t do drugs and have sex and come home drunk.  So what most youth get in trouble for is things they don’t do.  They don’t call to say they will be home late.  They don’t clean their room.  They don’t complete their homework.  Continue reading