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If the World Hates You, They May Be Right.

I was recently on a road trip to visit my relatives and decided to try my luck at the radio dial.  While browsing through the stations  I stumbled upon a Christian station with a pastor who was talking about how to respond if the world hates you.  It caught my attention, so I decided to listen for a few minutes even though I despise talk radio.  He said that if the world hates you and rejects you that it’s a good thing because Jesus says “if the world hates you, keep in mind that it hated me first” (Jn. 15:18).  The pastor then went on to talk about judging a christian by his enemies.  He believed that the more enemies you have the better Christian you are because you are living a life rebuking people of their sin.

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Hanging In There

We recently moved to a new neighborhood in which there are a lot of children of different ages who play together.  They roam in a group from yard to yard like marauders through some conquered village, wielding sticks like swords.  We’ve met a lot of the neighbors and in the nine months we’ve been here I know more people by name than I did in 6 years at our other house.  So far it’s a much safer and quieter neighborhood.  I had to smile the first time my wife called me at work and said “the neighbor kids are knocking on the door wanting the boys to come out and play.  What should I do?”  I struggle with the side of me that remembers the carefree times of riding bicycles around the neighborhood making forts in whatever yard we pulled into and the other part of me today that is all too aware of the world pictured on Dateline of human trafficking, abuse, and bullying.  Continue reading